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dsp [at] umd [dot] edu | @dspfister

Book Review Editor, Rhetoric Society Quarterly

Rhetoric + Digitality Series Co-Editor, University of Alabama Press


Ph.D. (2009). University of Pittsburgh, Department of Communication, Pittsburgh, PA.


Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA. (2016-)

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. (2009-2016).


Arete Award for Outstanding Faculty Member, University of Maryland COMMGrads, Spring 2019.

Research and Scholarship Award (RASA), University of Maryland, Spring 2019.

Outstanding Faculty Service Award, Department of Communication, University of Maryland, 2018.

Outstanding Article of the Year Award, Visual Communication Division, National Communication Association, 2017.

Presidential Commendation for Outstanding Scholarly Service from the Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology (Fall 2013)

Bruce Kendall Award for Outstanding Teaching, Department of Communication Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Spring 2011)

Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh (Fall 2007-Spring 2008)

University of Pittsburgh Provost Humanities Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh (Fall 2002-Spring 2003)



Kennerly, M., & Pfister, D. S. (Eds.). (2018). Ancient rhetorics + digital networks. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press. Reviewed in CHOICE (2018), Journal of Communication (2018), Quarterly Journal of Speech (2019), Rhetorica (2019).

Pfister, D. S. (2014). Networked media, networked rhetorics: Attention and deliberation in the early blogosphere. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press. 288 pp. Reviewed in Argumentation and Advocacy (2015); Quarterly Journal of Speech (2016); Public Understanding of Science (2017); Rhetoric Society Quarterly (2017); Rhetoric & Public Affairs (2017); Information, Communication, & Society (2017).

Journal Articles

Pfister, D.S. (2020). Digitality, rhetoric, and protocological fascism; or, fascist ants & democratic cicadas. Journal for the History of Rhetoric 23 (1): 3-29.

Pfister, D.S. (2019). Technoliberal rhetoric, civic attention, and common sensation in Sergey Brin’s ‘Why Google Glass?,’ Quarterly Journal of Speech 105(2): 182-203.

Lindblad, P., Murphy, N., Pfister, D.S., Styer, M., Summers, E., and Yang, M. (2018). Internet Research Agency Ads Dataset. [data file]. Retrieved from

Pfister, D.S. and Yang, M. (2018). Five theses on technoliberalism and the networked public sphere. In special issue on “Neoliberalism and the Public Sphere,” Communication and the Public 3(3): 247-62.

Pfister, D.S. (2018). Public sphere(s), Publics, and Counterpublics. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication. Oxford, UK: Oxford University, Press. view/10.1093/acrefore/9780190228613.001.0001/acrefore-9780190228613-e-562.

Pfister, D.S. (2017). Against the Droid’s ‘instrument of efficiency,’ For animalizing technologies in a posthumanist spirit. Philosophy & Rhetoric, 50(2), 201-27.

Pfister, D. S., & Woods, C. S. (2016). The unnaturalistic enthymeme: Figuration, interpretation, and critique beyond photographic naturalism. Argumentation and Advocacy, 52(4), 236-253. [lead article]


Networked media, rhetorical theory, argument and public deliberation, visual culture, technology


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