Announcing Ancient Rhetorics + Digital Networks

Michele Kennerly and I are thrilled to announce the impending publication, in February 2018, of Ancient Rhetorics + Digital Networks with the University of Alabama Press.

Here’s the table of contents:

1. On Network
Mari Lee Mifsud
2. Imagining Confucian Audiences: Tactical Media and the Umbrella Movement
Arabella Lyon
3. Big Data and Global Knowledge: A Protagorean Analysis of the United Nations’ Global Pulse
E. Johanna Hartelius
4. On Fear and Longing: Gorgias and the Phobos and Er?s of Visual Rhetoric
Nathan Crick
5. Impure Imaginations: The Rhetorical Humors of Digital Virology
Christopher J. Gilbert
6. Isocratean Tropos and Mediated Multiplicity
Rosa A. Eberly and Jeremy David Johnson
7. Plato’s Phaedrus and the Ideology of Immersion
Ekaterina V. Haskins and Gaines S. Hubbell
8. Genre in Ancient and Networked Media
Carolyn R. Miller
9. Poi?sis, Genesis, Mim?sis: Toward a Less Selfish Genealogy of Memes
Michele Kennerly and Damien Smith Pfister
10. Remix, ??nyat?, and Pros?popoeia: Projecting Voice in the Digital Age
Scott Haden Church
11. The Jaina Rhetoric of Nonviolence and the Culture of Online Shaming
Scott R. Stroud